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The Virtual Selling Challenge 

Ensuring your sales team is fully productive and effective and staying ahead of your competition 

Real Training, Based on Real Challenges, Providing Real Results. 
Welcome to the Virtual Selling Challenge 
As a sales leader, how do you keep your sales team sharp and motivated in these challenging times when your customers’ priorities have changed so much, so quickly? 
- How do you collaborate with a remote sales team with varying levels of motivation? 
- How do you make sure your sales team are having the right conversations at the right time with the right people and striking the right tone? 
- How do you make sure they are competent to be able to handle objections they have never heard before? 
- How do you update your Value Propositions in a way that resonates with your customers and prospects? 
- How do you properly enable your sales team with the right content and collateral, so they are fully effective when selling and keeping your sales cycle as short as possible? 
All of this whilst showing empathy and understanding in their sales conversations.  
Motivation levels will have been affected due to furloughing and/or reducing sales and customer activity in your industry and this picture looks set to remain for some time to come. 
At the same time, with a remote sales team, your access to them as a leader will change, you will have to collaborate in new ways without the level of oversight that you’re used to. 
So as a leader, you will have to excel in 3 key areas. 
1. Create proactive opportunity not only for your sales team to be motivated to do the right things right, but for your customers to engage with you in difficult times when security and survival may be at the top of their agenda 
2. Develop and coach your sales team to be competent in all the key areas required to sell in this new environment 
3. Those sales leaders who are late to the party, will lose competitive edge and potentially the trust of their customers and prospects. 
The time for action is now! 
Let’s face it, any salesperson can be busy, but how do you make sure they are productive and effective and capable of having the right conversations with the right people at the right time. 
Well, that’s why I have joined forces with Merrill Consultants to create The Virtual Selling Challenge. 
Every week, each member of your sales team will work through a real-world challenge specifically designed and completely relevant to your business. 
This scenario will challenge them to become expert in the critical selling areas and develop in a competency as they respond to pre-set questions. 
Then the team jumps on a coaching and feedback call with an experienced sales coach and trainer to refine and improve their approach so that they are fully equipped for what is facing you in the new normal. 
Every key competency that you expect your sales team to demonstrate will be tested, honed and refined in a 4, 8- or 12-week period and the benefits will be seen straight away 
Your sales team will develop in the key areas of; 
• Positioning 
• Objection Handling 
• Qualifying 
• Controlling sales conversations with Powerful Questions 
• Value Propositions 
• Negotiating 
• Closing 
And much more, knowing how each competency is used to sell more, more often and at higher margins. 
We will be able to share with you the progress that each team member is making on a week to week basis. They will be challenged to use these new skills in the real world and feed back on the coaching calls. 
It’s fun, engaging, interactive and developmental. But more than that it’s designed specifically for your company and your situation to ensure your team are up to the task ahead, no matter how daunting. 
Tap the button below and grab yourself a 15 minute Discovery Call. 
“My sales guys are really enjoying the Virtual Selling Challenge. They love the coaching and feedback sessions and have all remarked on how much they have learned in the process. But the best thing is we saw an immediate boost in the number of opportunities in the final stage in our pipeline, and in these times, that is gold dust. I highly recommend this approach to developing sales teams and sales leaders.” 
CEO, Software Company 
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