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As you already know, the role of a sales director or professional always presents some important challenges. Not least, leading and inspiring change and improvement, whilst meeting the persistent demands of this modern, complex and competitive environment. 
Time and resources are often in short supply, whilst targets increase. Mindsets and behaviour aren’t easy to change. Communication can be a struggle. The right way forward isn’t always clear. 

Inspire and engage your team 

Glen is an Accredited Master Coach (CSA) with considerable experience. His coaching program is accredited by the Coaching Standards Authority. 
His approach is collaborative, practical but inspiring. With over 30 years’ business and sales experience, his industry insights and understanding of the many issues you face, make him a very valuable mentor. 
Coaching can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. From conceptual, high level thinking right down to the details of effectively implementing change and seeing significantly better results, Glen’s advice and counsel is game changing. Glen’s powerful coaching is empowering and will save you vast amounts of time, drive change and position you as a go to and formidable sales leader. 
For the ultimate energy and sales boost, contact Glen about coaching your sales professionals and sales leaders. 
“Using what I learned from Glen, I turned a $400 sale into a $10,000 sale. Thanks, Glen. I tip my hat. Your methods just earned me $9,600 more than I would have this year so far.” 
S J Stone, Creative Director, Five- Talent Strategy House 
“Working with Glen helped me to understand where I was going wrong at the start of the conversation in particular. I developed much more patience, a deeper understanding of context, and appreciation of what needs to happen within a client’s organisation for me to be successful in working with them. Glen has improved everything I do when selling and I highly recommend his courses!” 
Ania Lichota, Executive Coach. Inspirational Speaker 

Lead your team to success 

To find out about availability, contact Glen Williamson today. 
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