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Pure Selling Online 

The Ultimate Coach Based Selling System 

This Ground-breaking 3 x Module Online course takes combines coaching and selling skills to increase sales ability to engage with customers and guide them toward the right solution. 
By understanding how to coach, sales professionals understand at a deeper level, exactly how to sell and  
Start proactively identifying, selecting and engaging profitable accounts and then create a structured, repeatable process that generates sales. 
This workshop is underpinned by Glen’s core sales principles, which include gaining a thorough understanding of your prospects’ needs and the challenges they face. 
The combination of Glen’s unique approach to mastering the sales conversation and the TAS methodology is guaranteed to transform your approach to sales and processes. 

The results? 

Consistent, predictable and improved sales, an empowered and confident team and sales resources (such as time and money) wisely and well spent: 
Shorter sales cycles (by 50%), significantly reduced costs per sale and better conversion rates 
Greatly improved sales conversations that get results and keep your customers interested and engaged 
A better understanding and ability to communicate your unique difference more effectively 
A greatly increased number of your sales people hitting their targets. 

Before the workshop, you’ll work with Glen to create and develop the following: 

A tailored Target Account Selling Process for your business 
An Opportunity Assessment 
A Checklist for every stage of the Target Account Selling process 

Workshop overview 

Contact Glen for more information or to book. This hands-on workshop will cover 21 essential areas and attendees will be provided with worksheets and handouts to take away. 
“Glen’s TAS course enlightened me in more ways that I can imagine or expected. It has transformed the way I think about sales.” 
Senior Sales Executive, Mercator International 
“The Complete Target Account Selling Program has focussed my attitude to deliver results for my company. This course is a one-stop for those serious about transforming to positive results.” 
VP Business Development Mercator International 

Turn your sales around 

This workshop is increasingly popular. Book early or find out about availability by contacting Glen Williamson today. 
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