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Pure Selling System 

Pure Selling System The Ground-Breaking Coach Based Selling System 

This ground-breaking 3 x Module Online course combines advanced coaching and selling skills for incredible sales results. 
Understanding how to coach and applying coaching principles to our sales approach is the single most effective way to consistently achieve superior sales performance.  
This is because coaches and salespeople effectively do the same thing training,however trained, competent coaches are forced into a set of heightened behaviours that salespeople rarely demonstrate. 
But when they do, they achieve breakthrough results. Teaching a salesperson how to coach will give instant access to; 
Improved pipeline velocity 
Quicker to establish rapport 
Deeper relationships with customers 
Vastly increased crediblity 
More powerful questions 
Meaningful sales conversations every time 
Effortless Consulting 
Superior Buying Facilitation 
Better Customer and Market Understanding 
Less self-destructive behaviour 
Greater integrity around key sales activities 
Fearless approach to selling 
Better performance vs target 
So that they can sell more, more often and at more acceptable margins 
For the Coach-Based Sales Professional, selling is never a struggle, because they have the right conversation with the right people at the right time in the right tone. 

A Transformational Sales System for the Modern Sales Professional 

Based on a 34 year+ career in sales, and having coached and trained thousands of sellers across the globe, Glen has created The Pure Selling System, a 5 step revolutionary sales process designed to guide sales people of all standards to sell effortlessly and consistently.  
Fed up of seeing salespeople struggle to win business and progress opportunities because they lacked the preparation, mindset, tools and approach, Glen combines coaching and training with his 34 years of experience to create a unique approach to selling that is simple to learn and simple to apply. 
Traditionally coaching is seen as a tool that sales managers and sales directors can use to get the most out of their sales team. However, whilst it is undeniable that coaching is a vital component in increasing and maintaining sales performance, it is also undeniable that if we educate sales people in the art of coaching, they immediately exhibit superior sales behaviours that lead to more sales whilst increasing their credibility with their customers and prospects.  
This 5-stage approach contains two stages that other sales processes have ignored, but are essential to a successful sale, particularly in these uncertain times.  
The Pure Selling System is for you if you want to.... 
Win business consistently and predictably 
Increase your sales conversions 
Close business more quickly 
Significantly increase the value you offer your customers and prospects 
Stop leaving money on the table 
Gain a competitive edge in every sales opportunity 
Keep opportunities moving through the prospect pipeline 
Make more C-Suite appointments 
Increase customer loyalty 
Your access to incredible sales performance is to develop your sales team to be able to sell in a Coach-Based way so that they demonstrate the critical behaviours that keep sales moving in a positive direction and compel customers to say Yes! 
Transform sales performance with The Pure Selling System 
Next Course starts July 20th 2020 for 4 weeks  
3 x 2 Hour Training Modules 
1 x Mastermind Call 
1 x One on One Coaching Call 

Coach Based Selling Online Course  

3 x 2 hour modules over 4 weeks  
1 x Mastermind Call 
1 x One on One Coaching Call 

Pure Selling System 

Contact Glen to book onto the next Course 
This transformational online course will increase boost your sales results 
“Glen’s is a fabulous sales trainer, motivational, inspiring, skilled and transformational who coaches at a phenomenal level" 
CEO, Business Services Company 
“Glen, your Pure Selling System is pure genius. I am using it to train all of my clients and colleagues. Thank you!” 
CEO, Training Company 
Our sales team have really bought into Glen's training. Glen not only trained them but gave them the courage to use the training in the real world  
and it has made a big difference to our pipeline and how quicly we close out buinsess.  
VP Sales, Telecoms Company  
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