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Master the Sales Conversation Masterclass 

Master the Sales Conversation Masterclass and never make the 2 most common negotiation errors again 

A recent survey concluded that only 8% of buyers see any value in meeting a sales person. Poor sales conversations mean poor results, it’s that simple. But, with the right mindset and techniques, your sales conversations can be significantly improved, turning virtually every conversation into a success. 

The Master the Sales Conversation Masterclass 

This 2-3 day course addresses 21 areas, which are key to having significantly more successful sales conversations in the modern environment. 
During the masterclass, you’ll learn how to get a deeper understanding of your prospects earlier and qualify opportunities better. You’ll also learn how to prepare for sales conversations, always put into practice the theory you’ve learnt and start communicating in a way that is clear, helpful and compelling. 
This sales training will teach you how to answer your prospects unvoiced questions, communicate your value naturally and effectively and help your prospect through the challenges they face before they can buy. 

The results? 

You’ll start having conversations that open up opportunity and instantly get much better results. You’ll start selling higher, selling quicker and getting more opportunities to upsell and cross sell and you’ll start to come up with creative solutions for your buyer that really add value: 
Learn to ask the right questions and therefore make more of opportunities and sales meetings 
Eliminate unpromising prospects early on and build relationships based on trust and integrity 
Learn the key to preparing for sales meetings and calls so that you conduct them effectively and with confidence 
Embed what you’ve learnt for the long term 
Learn exactly what to do with an opportunity and how to get more opportunities from your existing customers 
Never make the 2 most common classic negotiation errors ever again 
Change your mindset towards selling forever, and make sales enjoyable and productive 
Learn what the buyer is up to when you are selling to them! 

Masterclass overview 

For further details of this sales training masterclass or to book, contact Glen Williamson now. 
“The Master The Sales Conversation course was practical, simple and easy to understand. It helped change the perception of what we are doing when we sell.” 
Celine Berger, Director, ReCreation 
“Glen’s command of how to Master The Sales Conversation sets him apart from anyone I have met and any course I have attended.” 
Paul Baker, MD, Systemic Win Ltd 
Glen has transformed our understanding of how to sell and boosted our conversion rates. I would not hesitate to recommend his Master The Sales Conversation Masterclass to anyone” 
Simon Ellis, MD , Clockwise Creative Design Agency 

Start talking sense 

Give your sales an instant boost with one of the most popular and successful sales training events of today. 
To book contact Glen Williamson now. 
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