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Brand it - Tell it - Sell it: Understand Your Brand, Engage Your Prospects and Add Value 

Brand it. Tell It. Sell It. is about how to use your unique brand story to sell more effectively. 

You already know that just selling isn’t enough anymore. The buying process and market place are increasingly complex. Buyers are looking for more and more added value against a backdrop of more competition and choice. Your ability to convey your unique story and add layers of value, without compromising on cost, is your key to success and better sales performance. 

The Brand It, Tell It, Sell It Masterclass 

This one-day course can be run as an open access course or tailored and delivered to your individual businesses. Using practical exercises, the class starts by taking an in depth look at your business and brand, so that you have a better understanding of the real value you offer and how you differentiate yourself. 
You will learn how to communicate your value in a way that is engaging, natural and convincing. You’ll start to identify and be able to analyse customer types as well as how to prepare and conduct sales conversations. And you’ll gain a greater understanding of the 4 phases of the sales process and how to turn every sales conversation into a success. 

The results? 

This sales training will transform the way you approach sales and sales performance. You’ll be more confident and in control during sales conversations, your sales will increase and you will close deals faster at more acceptable margins. 
Learn to talk meaningfully about what you do and how you do it 
Gain clarity about your prospects and create a compelling Value Proposition 
Identify the most powerful questions to ask prospects 
Gain a deeper insight into your customers so that you can have better conversations 
Improve lead qualification and spend more time with key decision makers 
Identify and influence your customers’ buying position 
Understand the Sales Continuum and how to truly add value when selling 
Establish open rapport with your prospects based on trust and helpfulness 


During the class you will create: 
A tailored sales plan. Glen will continue to support you as you implement this in the months after the course 
Actionable, practical blueprints to enable you to sell to every desired customer type 

Workshop overview 

Contact Glen for more information or to book. This intensive and hands-on masterclass will include worksheets and handouts to take away. 
"The whole training day delivers an holistic approach to identifying and developing a sound and repeatable format of sales for any business. Jodie and Glen deliver a thought-provoking and critical analysis of your business branding and sales process in an engaging and creative manner – the day sailed past!" 
Eric Chorley, Guardhome Security 
“If you are not 100% sure what your brand is about and who to sell your wares to in the best possible way, Brand It, Tell it, Sell It is a great course to go on. It enabled me to get a really great understanding of my brand, how my clients view me and what they want from me. Well worth every penny.” 
Sarah Bruce, Owner of Angels & Ledgers 
“Brand It. Tell it. Sell It. Gave me a fresh approach to selling and how to work on your brand’s story.” 
Lia Parkinson, Office on the Net 
“I would recommend this course – it inspires confidence that sales need not be intimidating. There were excellent presentations and working exercises. The day inspired me to move forward in my business with greater clarity of thought and confidence.” 
Pam Charman, FM Group 
“Completing this sales course has enabled me to focus more on the areas I’m struggling in. Brilliant course, highly recommended.” 
Elaine Diveney, Partner, 001 Ltd. 

Transform your sales performance in a day 

This hands-on training session will ignite your sales results. 
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