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Recent research by Salesforce and Richardson found that on average, only 34% of sales time is spent in front of customers and only 17% of people get a second meeting with an executive. Further research has recently found that only 9% of buyers get value from meeting with sales people. 
So, why are sales people struggling to get appointments and to have value based sales conversations? 
For me, it’s simple. It’s because sales people haven’t done the hard work of creating a Value Proposition that resonates with their buyer personas. 
Less than 2% of the sales people and business owners I lead, train and coach have a Value Proposition. 
If ever a trick was being missed, this is it. Every sales person should have a Value Proposition. 
The Value Proposition is simply the most useful and underestimated selling device there is and the most powerful way to boost your sales results. 
- It gets you more appointments with more senior players over and over again. 
- It has you really connecting with your buyer so they know you understand them when you meet. 
- It has you appreciate the true value of what you sell so you can easily articulate your uniqueness 
… and so much more! But it does requires you do some work! 
You will have to; 
1) Create the right sales mindset and perspective 
2) Fully get to grips with which challenges [problems, issues] your customer is facing and wants to solve 
3) Ensure you are clear on the results they want to achieve 
4) Accurately define what is at the heart of the matter for them and what great looks like in their world 
5) Know the difference between insights and information and know how to develop insights that work 
6) Be clear on how and when to use your Value Proposition and the only 3 conversations you will ever need to have with your customers and prospects 
7) Get out of your comfort zone and try something different 
Armed with this foundational sales device, selling will never have been so simple. Guaranteed. 
I have created a simple, highly effective methodology for generating a Value Proposition and it is all you need to boost your sales results. 
Join our FB group, this is one of our key discussions in the coming months. You won’t look back. 
Good Selling! 
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