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Ignoring the extra 's', for many people, sales is a four-letter word. But it needn’t be. Sales has developed a reputation over the years that it simply doesn’t deserve. 
Due to dysfunctional sales techniques and misguided sales management, companies often underestimate what is required to establish a foundational base for consistent sales performance. As a result, mediocre sales performance has become accepted as the norm. 
Part of the problem is a number of misalignments exist between sellers and buyers, and this has led to trust issues that result in missed opportunities on both sides. 
For example, the seller wants to close the deal whereas the buyer wants to open a relationship. Buyers don’t want to be closed; they want to progress in an open atmosphere of trust and understanding, underpinned with excellent products and services that solve their problems. 
Sellers often still believe sharing great volumes of information about their company, product and service increases the chances of the sale being made. But nowadays buyers can get as much information as they need to inform their purchase in this information age. 
Sellers think that price is critical and must be competitive. Whereas buyers simply want excellent value delivered in a way that makes sense to them and/or their company. These are two very different things. 
Your best chance of selling consistently is to understand your buyers, and in order to do this, you need to stand where they are, see what they see, so that you have a different conversation. 
You need to de-bunk the old sales myths and replace them with new sales truths, like; 
Buyers buy when their system buys into the transformation 
Price becomes an issue when the buyer cannot choose between two identical solutions 
The modern sales person is an expert communicator, teacher and collaborator 
The role of the modern sales person is not to communicate value, it is to create it! 
Clarity is the foundation upon which all great sales are made 
Consistent sales performance happens when sales help their customers to achieve their goals 
The opportunity to differentiate by selling well is greater than it has ever been and in changing your mindset, you help your customers to stay ahead of their competition and to avoid pitfalls. For this, you will be rewarded handsomely. 
As a Speaker, Sales Trainer and Accredited Master Coach (CSA), Glen Williamson is passionate about helping SME business owners and sales professionals of all levels reach new height of sales performance delivery.  
Taking his 30 years of experience in sales and business development, Glen founded GWC Sales Training in 2011 to deliver consultancy and training for clients across a wide range of sectors including logistics, financial services and oil and gas. 
Meeting the needs of our increasingly complex and competitive business environment, Glen’s “Master The Sales Conversation Masterclass”, and Complete Target Account Selling Program create interactive opportunities to embed new ideas and techniques for consistent, predictable sales success. 
Glen believes that sales is a collaborative process, part of who we are and how we survive, and at its core, should be a desire to ‘help’, not ‘sell’. 
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