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Advanced Sales Training and Coaching 

Training Sales Excellence  

Glen Williamson is an International Sales Trainer, Consultant Sales Director, Sales Consultant, Speaker and Accredited Master Coach with over 34 years’ experience of sales and business development. He’s also the author of the forthcoming book 'Pure Selling'  
At any one time, Glen leads, trains and coaches between 50 and 150 sales professionals across numerous industries, staying at the cutting edge of best practice in sales.  
With a thorough and extensive understanding of selling and an innate ability to simply explain and embed new techniques and ideas, you’ll find Glen’s approach to sales is ethical, intelligent, fresh and effective. 
When working with you and your team, he does so with humour and energy in a way that inspires. You’re unlikely to walk away from time spent with Glen without having experienced at least one epiphany moment which will change your approach to sales, strategy and selling, for the better, forever. 
Glen is the creator of the ground-breaking Pure Selling System, co-authored Sales Genius #1 the Amazon Best Seller, and is a Chair of Judges at the UK Business Awards.  

Acquire New Skills and Behaviours 

The modern environment presents new challenges to the sales professional. To close deals faster, at acceptable margins, sales people need more specialized skills, knowledge and behaviours. 
Long sales cycle, low sales conversion rates and pipeline stagnation are costing companies a lot of money every year and negatively impacting revenue and profit performance, but they don’t have to. Whilst there are no easy fixes, there is a permanent one. Train and develop sales people to sell properly, with the right tools and techniques, whilst coaching them to have the right mindset. 
It is estimated that only 9% of sales calls result in any type of commitment and only 1 out of 250 sales people hit their annual sales target! 
We give you access to more sales, more often and at more acceptable margins. We do it properly, at the right pace and with the full support of the senior management team, or we don't do it at all. 

Inspirational selling 

With buyers self-diagnosing and self-educating old-school sales techniques no longer work. Sales professionals who develop a deep understanding of their clients’ buinseses, market and needs, goals and challenges, have a much better chance of consistently winning. 
The modern buyer demands and rewards what is rare and valuable. That means the way we talk about what we do is vital to sales success. You can be a sales person that inspires and adds value at every interaction. You just need a new perspective and approach. 

A Dynamic Approach to Sales Training and Coaching 

Glen's Alignment Model aligns has provided the platform for organisations across the world to perfectly align their sales teams performance with their goals and objectives. 
His unique 5-Step Process to selling is different to any other sales process you will see, containing 2 steps that you will not see anywhere else and is a powerful way to boost your conversion rates and reduce your sales cycles.  
As an Accredited Master Coach, Glen pushes sales professionals to the limits of what they are capable of so that they achieve breakthrough results , creating new normals for the infividual and the organisations  

Industry insights into the mind of the buyer 

Over a 34-year career, Glen has developed a deep understanding of the buyer’s motivations and behaviours. He understands the unvoiced questions they are asking themselves as well as the powerful questions you need to ask them. He’ll help you achieve a much greater understanding of the sales and buyer processes and empower you to craft and tap into two of your most powerful sales tools; the real value in your product and the real value in you. 

Speaker and Author 

As a well-established sales leader, Glen is also an engaging and inspiring speaker whose presentations are practical, thought provoking and high in value. When booking Glen for your event, you can always be confident that his presentation will have lasting impact. 


Glen works locally, nationally and internationally having applied his skills in the US, Malaysia, Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked in diverse sectors including Oil & Gas, Insurance, Shipping, Logistics, Professional Services, Consulting, Design, and Financial Services. 

Event presentations 

His main subject, ‘Master The Sales Conversation’ based on his 2012 e-Book, covers the way the modern sales professional needs to change his approach to compete in this more complex business environment, so that he wins more, more often and more consistently. 
Glen’s ‘Where Self Awareness and Sales Meet’ presentation provides an inspiring, unique and fresh approach to understanding sales and how we connect with our buyers’ deepest reasons for buying. This unforgettable session will open your eyes to the crucial relationship between who we are and how we sell, to permanently boost sales productivity. 
“Glen is a strong, disciplined and highly driven Sales Leader whose expertise lies in helping sales professionals reach new heights of sales performance delivery. A person of great integrity and humour, he is uncompromising in his focus and determination to win. Employ Glen if you want to increase sales, retain major customers, inspire your sales team, increase customer satisfaction and exceed your targets.’ 
CEO, DK Energy 
“The ethos of ‘not selling but helping’ is a great statement to take with me, and I hadn’t really grasped that until today. Very useful advice delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner.” 
Chris Barnes, Sales Manager, The School People 
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