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Training Excellence in Sales  
Advanced Sales Training and Coaching 

Pure Selling System  

A ground-breaking coaching based sales course founded on solid coaching principles to immediately boost every area of your sales performance  

Master the Sales Conversation Masterclass 

A 2-3 day course giving you control of the sales conversation and the sales process 

Value Proposition Development 

This game-changing workshop will give you all the tools you need to powerfully boost your sales results with a well crafted, robust Value Proposition 

Virtual Selling Challenge 

The Virtual Selling Challenge combines competency based challenges with world class coaching to create a fun, engaging and highly effective way of ensuring your sales team are operating at the top of game in the critical areas and remaining ahead of your competition 

Hire Glen as your Consultant Sales Director 

To reignite your sales strategy and develop a successful sales team. 

Advanced Coaching 

As an Accredited Master Coach, Glen coaches all levels of sales people and business owners to new heights of performance, so that they maximise their potential and live life powerfully and happily. Contact Glen for a free 20 minute 'Ordinary to Extraordinary' consultation 
Join us on The Virtual Selling Challenge 

The Sales Directors Secret 

Exactly how to create a profitable, flawless pipeline 
so your customers don’t stop communicating at a critical stage 

For ambitious sales teams 

Close more deals, more quickly and at more acceptable margins, consistently and predictably. 
In business today, sales professionals need more specialised skills and behaviours. Now Glen Williamson’s unique and dynamic techniques, will change the way you view and approach sales forever. 
Glen will provide you with a rock-solid foundation for game-changing sales growth. You’ll discover the real reason customers buy from you and you’ll get a much deeper understanding of what really goes on during the selling process. 
Your Pipelines will be full of the right type of opportunities and will keep moving.  
Your sales teams will be properly equipped to meet and exceed their targets 
You will never fail to hit a sales target again! 

Powerful Sales Training for your Sales Team 

Make sure more of your sales team exceed their targets, maximise sales opportunities and reduce your sales cycles by at least 50%. Develop a more frank and open relationship and sales experience for your clients. 

Highly Skilled and Influential Consultant Sales Director 

Transform and reignite your sales strategy, to develop a driven, dynamic and consistently successful sales team who consistently achieve your goals. Give your sales team the best possible chance of winning, and ensure your team is constantly ahead of the competition. 

World Class Coaching for Sales Directors & Sales Professionals 

Engage and empower your sales leaders and teams. Eliminate the psychological barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential so that they can drive and develop a more effective and exciting sales culture and team. 
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